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I had excellent experience with Nissan OEM front brake pads and rotors. They lasted close to 100K miles on a 2105 Altima. And we pack on about 16K miles annually.

I am curious to who makes 2013-2018 Altima Front and Rear Brake Pads? I looked online and it seems so far, the only likely supplier is Nisshinbo (NBK), but not sure about Advic or Sangsin. My understanding is that Beck/Arnley brake pads are usually the closest to the OEM pads since it sources directly from the supplier. It lists the front pads are from Sangsin and the back pads could be Advic or Sangsin. Also, does OEM pads contain an exclusive formula that’s not sold outside of dealerships?

What about front and back rotors? Who are the OEM supplier(s) for those?
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